Luciano Marcon
Principal Investigator

The principal investigator of the SBS lab.

Jelena Raspopovic

Senior postdoc of the lab.
Co-supervisor of most projects in the lab.

Jose Joaquín Serrano Morales
PhD Student

Does experiments with embryoid bodies to study the patterning of neuro-mesodermal progenitors during early mouse development.

Rosana Caceres Carrillo
PhD Student

Combines experiments, high-content screenings, lightsheet microscopy and modeling to study how the throphoectoderm and primitive endoderm guide the self-organization of the mouse epiblast.

Julie Klepstad
Phd Student

Uses complex systems theory and multicellular simulations to study the patterning and morphogenesis of the embryo. Her projects focus on somitogensis, neuralepithelial morphogenesis and anterior-posterior symmetry breaking.

Juan Manuel Tavira Chapela
PhD Student

Combines perturbations with single cell transcriptomics to study the genetic network that controls epiblast differentiation in embryoid bodies. He also uses embryoids and organoids generated with iPSC to investigate the cause of neural disease.


Came to visit earth and decided to join the SBS lab. He is our research assistant. He knows all the literature on developmental biology, stem cell and self-organization.